Reader Profile: Jon Waldron, AMS-IX

Reader Profile: Jon Waldron, AMS-IX

Jon Waldron is the business development and partner manager at AMS-IX and has over 12 years experience in the fixed and mobile industry.


“When I started at AMS-IX two years ago, some colleagues suggested that I start reading Capacity to help with my transition from the mobile applications industry to learning more about the wholesale industry and how it relates to an internet exchange. We have about 460 customers all over the world and through its in-depth global coverage, the magazine makes it easier to stay in touch with what’s happening with all our customers.

It’s important that we keep track of developments in the IP transit market and Capacity often helps us monitor any changes. In our day-to-day business, we face issues such as network reliability and the huge challenge of moving traffic from one corner of the earth to the other which the magazine continuously helps to address.

It also helps that I am present at about 60% of Capacity’s events. One of the things I do before attending the conferences is to read the latest issue of the magazine, which allows me to focus better at the event by helping to identify who I need to talk to and what issues I need to discuss.

Capacity’s IPX supplement proved particularly insightful as AMS-IX is just establishing an IPX exchange in Amsterdam. It was therefore valuable to read the views of people who could potentially use our services while also finding out more about new customers that we hadn’t previously thought of.

At AMS-IX we are interested in markets further afield from Europe such as Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, and monitor any developments in cable systems from those regions that connect to Europe.

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