Gareth Williams, Interoute: Walking on cloud nine

10 January 2013

Interoute thrived in 2012, but the company’s CEO Gareth Williams only has his sights set on the future. He explains to Alex Hawkes his vision of virtualisation.


2012 was something of a landmark year for Interoute. It extended its network into Turkey, Russia and Asia. It made a string of strategic acquisitions and partnerships. And it capped it all off in November by picking up the Capacity Award for 'Best pan-European Wholesale Carrier’.

But of all the company’s achievements in the last 12 months, it is the potential of the company’s virtualised hosting platform that really gets Interoute’s CEO Gareth Williams’s blood pumping.

At the start of 2012, Interoute launched its virtual data centre (VDC) product - a private and public cloud computing platform built into the company’s pan-European MPLS/IP network. According to Williams, VDC has gone on to impressively generate over €1 million in revenues since January.

"We see virtualisation as the future," says Williams. "It is coming to the forefront now and you can’t hide anymore at the back. Cloud is...

Topics: Interoute, Gareth Williams, virtualisation


  • virtualization and the security i.e.both way security = access + leakage. very much true it is the future but full of risks internally, externally and built in.
    great thought digged well with organized provoking questions.
    simply great

    Dinesh Poudyalaya Jan 22, 2013