RETN launches new customer portal for network services data transparency

RETN launches new customer portal for network services data transparency

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Independent global network services provider RETN is launching a new customer portal that grants access to detailed data on network and equipment, previously only available from technical engineers in RETN’s network operation centre (NOC).

The platform also offers direct access to RETN’s NOC and includes a “Call me back feature” for prompt assistance, with product manager William Manzione saying it gives the network providers customers enhanced communication with RETN’s team.

RETN says the new platform offers the highest levels of transparency and a seamless customer

experience for its wholesale, content, and enterprise customers, offering them a new set of tools to efficiently manage network services.

This transparency empowers customers with advanced service information for more effective

troubleshooting and management, the company says.

The new portal provides direct ways to manage services, support, orders, billing, and all communications with RETN, while enabling full management of company accounts, user roles, and key information for network engineers.

RETN’s CEO said the rationale for launching the new portal was ensuring its customers have everything they need at their fingertips, and that the portal achieves this by focusing on the core aspects of a great customer experience – speed, convenience, and transparent communication.

“Customers expect seamless and efficient interactions with their service providers,” he added.

To achieve this, the platform includes functionality such as “Network on a Dashboard” which provides a real-time view of all active services on a geographical map and “Advanced Information for Network Engineers”, which offers instantaneous access to interface status, BGP

status and prefixes information, MAC and ARP tables, VLAN information, port mode, and MTU.

The live tracking functionality monitors interactions, service tickets, and requests in real-time, while the “Service Delivery Tracking” functionality offers visibility of all new connectivity requests and their status.

For billing operations, the portal offers access and visibility to invoices, order forms,

handover documents and account details. RETN say these are provided with enhanced transparency and offer an easy way to satisfy growing demand for additional services.

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