Chief Telecom to boost global reach with AMS-IX alliance

Chief Telecom to boost global reach with AMS-IX alliance

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Chief Telecom (Chief), the operator of Taiwan’s largest internet exchange (IX), AMS-IX and HGC Global Communications (HGC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide 'total business solutions' to their customers.

The agreement facilitates seamless traffic exchange between Tapei Internet Exchange (TPIX) and AMS-IX Hong Kong.

By leveraging the partnership, TPIX members can expand their network resources and facilitate content sharing and localisation, not only within Hong Kong but also across HGC’s extensive global network.

The deal allows members to reach other AMS-IX exchanges in Asia such as Singapore, Bangkok and Manila as well as global IX’s including Amsterdam and Chicago.

AMS-IX Hong Kong members can enjoy an additional 170 network connections and tap into the local user base in Taiwan through TPIX.

This expanded connectivity and access is expected to drive more traffic to both AMS-IX Hong Kong and TPIX members.

The reciprocal benefits of this partnership allow the connected parties to penetrate each other’s markets and reach a broader audience base, contributing to the growth of the cross-border peering ecosystem’, the companies said in a release.

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