Samsung trials mission-critical push-to-talk solution in Australia

Samsung trials mission-critical push-to-talk solution in Australia

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Samsung is teaming with Etherstack to trial Australia’s first mission-critical push-to-X (MCPTX) solution.

The trial demonstrates how Samsung is enhancing emergency responses and streamlining communication among first responders.

MCPTX empowers first responders with the information they need to make split-second decisions in emergency situations.

"It’s great to have another carrier deployment of our IWF technology with Samsung in Australia," said David Deacon, CEO at Etherstack.

"This deployment demonstrates that standards-based interworking between traditional digital radio networks and next-gen 5G networks is feasible and mature enough to deploy in real-world scenarios. We are thrilled to be working with Samsung in supporting technology advances for public safety agencies in Australia."

Samsung’s 3GPP standard-compliant MCPTX solutions are being used in the trial, along with Etherstack's Land Mobile Radio Interworking Function (LMR-IWF), which enables seamless integration between the advanced MCPTX network and traditional LMR systems.

This trial is the country’s first in involving MCPTX and interworking capabilities, and Samsung is showcasing its cross-regional efforts with Etherstack on a leading Australian mobile operator’s network.

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