NTT to use Ciena Wavelogic6 on Juno subsea cable

NTT to use Ciena Wavelogic6 on Juno subsea cable

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Seren Juno Network (Seren) the company responsible for building and installing NTT Data’s Juno subsea cable system, will deploy Ciena’s WaveLogic 6 to boost its network capacity.

The Juno cable is expected to be ready for service later this year, and will travel across the Pacific Ocean from Grover Beach in California to Minamiboso and Shima in Japan.

Cinea’s GeoMesh Extreme and WaveLogic 6 Extreme (WL6e) technology will be deployed on the system. The technology delivers ubiquitous 800Gb, 400Gb, and 100Gb services, with Ciena claiming that the JUNO cable will enjoy unprecedented fibre capacity and spectral efficiency.

“NTT data is dedicated to providing reliable global internet infrastructure and Ciena’s industry-leading WaveLogic 6 coherent optical technology will enable JUNO to start strong,” said Yoshio Sato, CEO, Seren.

“We continue to see demands to build our global digital economy, and capacity and network performance are critical pillars to support this rapid growth,” he added.

Ciena’s VP of global submarine solutions, Thomas Soerenson, added that existing Japan-US cables are nearing capacity limit.

“There is a need to meet the growth of bandwidth-intensive applications associated with AI, cloud-based services, and streaming videos,” he said.

“Powered by WL6e, the Juno cable, which is the largest trans-Pacific submarine cable system, will be ready to hit new service delivery targets as soon as it launches.”

Ciena will also provide the Juno cable with its Navigator Network Control Suite, which provides operational efficiencies for cable systems by simplifying and accelerating planning, provisioning, and assurance workflows.

Additionally, Ciena Services will provide submarine-specific automation for installation, spectrum activation, and testing for time saving and improved spectrum optimisation.

Submarine Line Terminal Equipment technical support will also be provided by Ciena.

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