Seoul gets two new low-latency fibre routes for crypto-trading

Seoul gets two new low-latency fibre routes for crypto-trading

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Capital market connectivity firm Avelacom has launched two new low-latency fibre routes from Seoul to Hong Kong and Singapore.

“Seoul has always been a key trading hub, while also serving as a central point for connectivity,” Aleksey Larichev, CEO of Avelacom, explained.

“With the rise of cloud adoption, we’re seeing a surge in Korean market participants, including both exchanges and trading firms, and mainly in digital assets.”

“This is driving an increase in demand for cloud-to-cloud, low latency connections. Our new routes ensure we are able to support the needs of the global crypto trading community, looking for geographically diverse trading opportunities, with Seoul being one of their top priorities.”

The two new routes follow Avelacom’s recently launched Seoul to Tokyo route.

In Seoul, the routes terminate at the KINX Gasan data centre, where Avelacom has its point-of-presence (PoP).

The company chose this data centre because it could provide direct access to the AWS Northeast region, and consequently to South Korea’s biggest cloud-based crypto exchanges.

All sites, including Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore, are fully interconnected, allowing for direct connectivity between any two.

Additionally, they are linked to over 100 global Avelacom PoPs, providing direct access to all global crypto exchanges.

This level of connectivity supports time-critical trading strategies, such as arbitrage and market making trading algorithms, as well as capturing real-time market data feeds.

In 2013, Avelacom first launched its London to Tokyo and London to Hong Kong routes.

Since then it has expanded its portfolio to offer numerous unique routes and IT infrastructure solutions across all major venues and asset classes.

Currently it interconnects over 100 equity, commodity, FX, crypto, and derivatives exchanges and OTCs.

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