Argentina launches consultations on service quality and interconnections

The Argentinian Ministry of Communications has launched two public consultations on the quality of ICT services and regulations around interconnection between telecoms operators.

The ministry’s IT and communications secretariat (SecTIC) will look at how the government can upgrade the regulatory framework that governs interconnection and access rules between different telecoms networks.

The government is proposing changes to passage rights, the sharing of infrastructure, and the deployment and sharing of last mile fibre.

The ministry has also launched a second consultation looking at rules around quality of service obligations for local carriers.

The government wants to introduce new legislation around converging techologie and increased take up of services that will help improve service quality.

It has asked for members of the public to offer their view on how telecoms and IT services in Argentina can be improved, and what technology provides the best service.

According to BN Americas, proposals must be submitted in writing, in paper form, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Communications or in the delegations of the National Communications Entity.