Hughes launches LTE acceleration technology to support mobile backhaul

Broadband satellite solutions provider Hughes Network Systems has launched advanced LTE acceleration technology to support cellular backhaul for mobile operators.

The JUPITER System technology will operates from the Hughes HT2500 satellite terminal, offering support for over 7,500 simultaneous TCP sessions.

The service is already being used by Entel in Bolivia to support over 500 deployed sites, extending LTE access in remote areas of the Latin American country.

Hughes has also launched a new HG220 gateway configuration aimed at helping networks to scale cellular backhaul over time. The HG220 supports up to five networks over up to five satellites and with extensive QoS, IP features and bandwidth management options.

Vinay Patel, manager of the cellular backhaul product line at Hughes, said: “Our JUPITER System with LTE acceleration enables mobile operators worldwide to expand their networks with high-performance satellite backhaul links that are 40 to 60 percent more efficient than those previously available. 

“This advanced technology builds on our broadband heritage around the globe and will continue to bridge the digital divide and improve economic and social development.”