Etihad Etisalat Mobily and Ericsson complete dynamic service chaining test

Etihad Etisalat Mobily and Ericsson have performed a successful test of the dynamic service chaining service as part of its initiative to employ software-defined network technology.

The Ericsson Dynamic Service Chaining solution is said to utilise SDN to link service functions so that traffic from each subscriber traverses a set group of service functions which has been defined by the carrier. By integrating SDN control with policy management, the traffic path for any arbitrary flow can then be altered by changing the policy associated with that flow. 

“Connectivity in Saudi Arabia is growing on a massive scale, with users demanding more products that are tailored to suit their particular needs,” says Ali Eid, president of Ericsson at Saudi Arabia. “By using our SDN solution, Mobily will have a fully transformed network infrastructure that is capable of meeting the needs of users today and in the future.”

According to the operator, the service will enable the company to provide increased value and better experience to its customers through more personalised services.  

Both companies have been collaborating on SDN-based solutions to drive the transformation to create a programmable network infrastructure.