Telstra International to extend reach by offering Ethernet half circuits

Telstra International to extend reach by offering Ethernet half circuits

The release of Ethernet half circuits, combined with the launch of a ‘One Stop Shop’ Ethernet service, show Telstra’s plans to extend the global reach of its Ethernet private line offerings.

Telstra’s Ethernet half circuits will allow customers to build a bespoke dedicated bandwidth Ethernet solution, by buying a half circuit on the Telstra network and another on a partner network.

This solution is designed to extend the reach of Telstra’s Ethernet solutions. Telstra has operating licenses and landing rights in most major Asian markets, the US and Europe. It also has more than 100 Ethernet provider partners and 70 internet private line arrangements already in place. The bilateral half circuits will allow Telstra to leverage its global network in countries where it does not currently hold a license to operate.

Telstra has spoken of its plans to add further partners, thereby extending the reach of its Ethernet services.

Nathan Bell, Telstra International’s global director of products and marketing, said, “We plan to roll out Ethernet through agreements with many additional partners in the near future.”

Telstra International has also launched a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ Ethernet service. Telstra customers will have access to a single point of contact for ordering, delivery, billing and support for Ethernet private line services, with end-to-end support and diagnostics.

These services have been developed against a background of increasing demands for cost efficiency and improvements in productivity, in order to provide businesses with improved control over their network and less complexity. Telstra claims that these new services will reduce both operational and capital expenditure, whilst maintaining business flexibility.