Superloop’s TKO Express cable goes live

Superloop’s TKO Express cable goes live

Superloop announce that their TKO Express cable in Hong Kong in now live.

Consisting of 1728 fibre cores, the domestic subsea cable provides a direct link between Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate and Chai Wan, which are high density data centre areas in Hong Kong.

Successfully installed across the Tathong Channel, to Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, according to Superloop it’s the first “truly geographical diverse, low-latency path between the two locations, delivering connectivity that is reliable, secure and fast.

The TKO Express cable has been designed specifically for data transmission to ensure the shortest available path between key areas.

Bevan Slattery, Superloop executive chairman and chief executive, said: “TKO Express is by far the most direct route linking the HKEX Hosting Services data centre with Hong Kong Island. That’s important for financial institutions who rely on low-latency connectivity to the HKEX Hosting Services Datacenter for transactions that can be won or lost in milliseconds.”

As the cable is 20km shorter than alternate networks along the same route: ““this opened new opportunities for businesses requiring high-speed connectivity or a geographically diverse link between the two precincts. Companies in the financial, telecommunications and media sectors, in particular, require high-performance, highly reliable connectivity for day-to-day business activities," said Slattery.

Susana Halliday, Hong Kong country manager of Superloop and project leader for TKO Express, spoke on where the need for the TKO Express cable stemmed from saying: “many of our customers would not accept a network with a single area of failure, particularly those in the finance sector, so we developed an alternative solution with the TKO Express cable system, to provide a geographically separate route for this exceptionally important area.”

Despite only recently going live, feedback on the new offering has already been positive with Halliday commenting: “most of our customers rely on our network to ensure the success of their business, they have exceptionally high standards, and the positive feedback we have received on our network in Hong Kong has been extraordinary.”

Superloop’s Hong Kong core fibre network officially went live in December 2016 but thinking ahead, future capabilities have already been built into the new cable. In preparation for the huge demand of bandwidth and the move towards Iot and 5G, the network is comprised of two 1000-core cables, making it Superloop’s largest fibre core count deployment to date in the Asia Pacific region.