Equinix acquires ICT-Center AG data centre business in Switzerland

Equinix has entered into an agreement for the purchase of ICT-Center AG, Zurich's data centre operating business in Switzerland.

Executing its second European purchase of 2017, Equinix has bought ICT-Center AG’s Zurich-based data centre business in Switzerland.

Equinix has entered into an agreement for the purchase of ICT-Center AG, Zurich's data centre operating business in Zurich, Switzerland. The facility, which is beside Equinix's existing Zurich data centres, provides Equinix with the ability to expand its present data centre to provide more interconnection abilities.

Equinix will purchase the asset for less than $5 million. The agreement was signed on February 1, 2017, and the acquisition is expected to close in early April 2017.  The facility is directly next to the existing Equinix ZH2 and ZH4 data centres, and allows Equinix to expand but economise by spending only $5 million on land.

The Zurich campus enables businesses to reach 90% of Europe within 20 milliseconds, making Zurich an ideal hub for enterprises with multiple European offices.

Eric Schwartz, president, EMEA, Equinix said: "With the right to privacy and data protection enshrined in the Swiss constitution, combined with a fast, sound IT infrastructure, Switzerland continues to be a top destination for international business. We believe this acquisition enables Equinix to provide more capacity and interconnection to customers who leverage us for access to network or cloud connectivity, or accelerate digital transformation."