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20 Security and Anti-Fraud Solutions

According to the most recent report from the GLF, 80% of carriers cite fraudulent traffic management as a “strategic” or “top priority”. This among other things has highlighted the increasing need among carriers for robust security products and agile solutions.

04 December 2019 | Natalie Bannerman

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    The GLF CBN: Where automation meets settlement

    04 December 2019 | Natalie Bannerman

    The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum is due to publish its whitepaper on the Communications Blockchain Network (CBN), Capacity investigates.

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    Power beneath the surface

    03 December 2019 | Guy Matthews

    Innovations in the subsea cable market are being driven by the bandwidth-hungry content sector. Guy Matthews considers their impact.

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    DE-CIX launches into South East Asia

    03 December 2019 | Jason McGee-Abe

    DE-CIX has now expanded its global interconnection model to its most eastern point to date. Jason McGee-Abe speaks to Ivo Ivanov, DE-CIX’s international CEO.

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    Slattery on the next subsea wave

    29 November 2019 | Jason McGee-Abe

    Fresh off the back of SUB.CO’s announcement about the new Oman and Australia cable (OAC) being built, Jason McGee-Abe speaks to Bevan Slattery about the benefits of the new route and how subsea is becoming increasingly attractive for investment players.

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    In the works: Asia-Pacific cables in development

    25 November 2019 | Natalie Bannerman

    Capacity round up 16 of the upcoming subsea cable projects in Asia-Pacific.

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    Veon’s impatient manager with high expectations of her team.

    11 November 2019 | Big Interview

    Ursula Burns speaks to Capacity's Alan Burkitt-Gray about how she is leading a radical reversal of her predecessor’s strategy at Veon.