• The Digital Digest

    The Digital Digest is your weekly data centres and telecoms news roundup podcast published every Friday, brought to you by Capacity and Data Economy.

    Presented by editor Melanie Mingas and featuring editor-at-large Alan Burkitt-Gray, deputy editor Natalie Bannerman and reporter Saf Malik. 

  • Global Telco Fraud Summit Podcast

    As part of our overall Borderless initiative, we are releasing podcast episodes every Thursday, focusing on five key areas of fraud. The podcast episodes are a great opportunity to grasp a fuller understanding of how fraudulent activity is impacting on telcos’ daily operations. From Wangiri to IRSF, we will be looking at methods that fraudsters use to manipulate the carrier network.
  • WAN Wednesdays

    Think you can spare 20 minutes of your week to keep up to speed with the world of WAN? That's what WAN Wednesdays are for. Every week we'll host a quickfire epsiode with a new guest. Each week is dedicated to a different aspect of corporate network management: From security to MPLS migration, from Internet sourcing to the impact of IoT - we'll cover it all, one week at a time.