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Reducing the carbon footprint through continuous innovation

Jian Wen, vice director in ZTE’s corporate branding & communications department, about the equipment maker’s contribution toward a carbon neutral future

26 October 2021 | Sponsored Q&A: ZTE

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    IP network security needs to stop being an afterthought

    01 December 2021 | Sponsored Q&A: Nokia

    The volume of network attacks and security breaches continues to rise. This puts traditional bolt-on IP network security solutions under strain, with the potential to impact service quality and increase latency in a time when customers are expecting the highest reliability.

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    A Mexican bridge to a digital future

    18 October 2021 | Sponsored Q&A: Neutral Networks

    Infrastructure provider Neutral Networks is expanding its fibre network within Mexico and linking this up via a new long-distance rollout to the US. Chief commercial officer Leonardo Antopia explains the strategy behind the deployment

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    ‘Exploring services beyond core areas’

    18 October 2021 | Sponsored Q&A: Türk Telekom

    In conversation with Capacity, Türk Telekom International Group CEO Şükrü Kutlu explains how TTI keeps investing in additional infrastructure, while also expanding its service offering to meet ever increasing customer expectations.

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    Boosting international connectivity from the US to Latin America, Europe and beyond

    18 October 2021 | Sponsored Q&A: Telxius

    Telxius chief executive officer Mario Martín about current projects and the company’s strategic priorities going into 2022  

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    Understanding the changing dynamics of the market

    18 October 2021 | Sponsored Q&A: Telefónica Global Solutions

    Gary Hope, strategy and regulation director at Telefónica Global Solutions, talks about the need to differentiate the wholesale offering and transform the customer relationship

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    “We are recognised as a reliable player in the market”

    18 October 2021 | Sponsored Q&A: Axent

    Pablo Echevarría, sales director at Axent, discusses the Spanish infrastructure provider’s growth ambition in light of the country’s increasingly critical role as a global telecommunications hub.