‘Extend scope of GLF fraud work,’ Gonzalez tells conference

‘Extend scope of GLF fraud work,’ Gonzalez tells conference

19 October 2021 | Alan Burkitt-Gray


The group behind this week’s report on fraud is suggesting the scope should be extended to cover other  parts of the telecoms ecosystem.

Katia Gonzalez, head of fraud and security at BICS, said in a Capacity Europe panel on Tuesday that the work needs to move beyond voice.

“We need to move away from the idea that fraud only happens in voice,” she said, in a discussion on the report by the ITW Global Leaders Forum (GLF) that was published on Monday.

“We need to be more inclusive in the GLF in terms of the services we deal with.”

The GLF should engage more with other sectors “that suffer from the same and are in the same ecosystem”, said Gonzalez, who is head of fraud and security at BICS.

“Fraud is more than just voice fraud,” she added, suggesting that the GLF should extend its scope to cover roaming, SMS, security and other areas.

But she was happy to report that fraud was being taken seriously by more companies. “Fraud has become a more and more important topic, a strategic topic. It’s extremely important and we are fighting fraud in a more comprehensive way.”