News roundup

News round up: Diversity in tech report, Tele2 on Platform Equinix

26 February 2021 | Abigail Opiah


Data Economy shares five news stories making headlines from around the world.

The Tech Talent Charter report

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) released its annual Diversity in Tech report, benchmarking the activities and progress being made towards inclusion, equity and diversity by its signatory companies, including Unilever, HP and Lloyds Banking Group.

The report, which this year tracks ethnicity data for the first time, shows that wide inequalities still persist within the UK tech sector, but that TTC signatories are making progress faster than the rest of the industry.

CEO and Co-Founder of the Tech Talent Charter Debbie Forster said, “While many companies have the right intentions on diversity, reluctance to speak up through anxiety or fear of saying the wrong thing can slow down progress, which not only prevents equity and inclusion, but also slows down efforts to close the UK’s digital skills gap.

“This year we are calling on our signatories and the wider industry to create safe environments in which to start those tough conversations that are needed to remove bias from systems and processes and help to drive meaningful change. Only through collaboration can progress be made.”

EU-U.S. data flows disruptions

A European Union data regulator has warned that companies may face huge disruption to translatlantic data flows as a result of an EU court ruling last year.

Reuters reported that Europe’s highest court last July ruled an EU-U.S. data transfer agreement was invalid. The court mentioned its concerns over the U.S. surveillance regime.

Tele2 on Platform Equinix

Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX) has announced that Swedish network provider Tele2 has launched a new IoT security product, utilising Platform Equinix.

“Cyberthreats are becoming ever more prevalent as the number of user devices and cloud resources increase,” said Maria Sundvall, Managing Director, Sweden, Equinix.

“It is vital therefore that companies solve for distributed security risks. It is great to see Tele2 leverage interconnection to provide customers with a way to address cybersecurity risks. Whatever we can do to help enterprises with this challenge, we will.”

UKCloud to drive digital innovation through partner ecosystem

UKCloud has announced its new Partner Programme designed to drive further digital innovation in both its partner ecosystem and the cloud industry in the UK.

Selena Cooper, Director of Partners at UKCloud said, “I am excited that our new partner programme will provide opportunities for even more specialist IT providers to help make digital transformation happen across the public sector.

“UKCloud has already powered many partners to deliver genuine innovation to their customers – from large System Integrators into Defence and National Security through to specialist ISVs into Healthcare.

“We’re looking forward to helping the next wave of partners grow their businesses and drive better outcomes.”

Bandwidth brings connectivity solutions to Switch

Bandwidth Infrastructure Group (Bandwidth IG) has announced an agreement with Switch (NYSE:SWCH) to provide dark fibre for Switch’s Keep Campus in Atlanta.

Together, Bandwidth IG and Switch, the global technology infrastructure corporation, will drive diverse transport connectivity for customers to gain assess to massive capacity in an exascale colocation environment.

“This important agreement between Switch and Bandwidth IG is part of Switch’s strategic infrastructure development to accelerate our growth in Atlanta,” said Switch SVP of Connectivity Scott Gutierrez.

“Bandwidth IG brings the dark fibre infrastructure necessary to quickly and securely transmit data that our host of clients can leverage for their mission critical communications.”