Console Connect

Console Connect unveils PoP at PDG's data centre in Singapore

19 February 2021 | Abigail Opiah


Console Connect by PCCW Global and Princeton Digital Group (PDG) are collaborating to provide businesses in Singapore with connections to cloud providers located throughout Asia.

The company recently launched a Point of Presence (PoP) at PDG’s SG1 data centre in Singapore for its customers to directly connect to the Console Connect digital platform, giving them access to international connectivity on-demand linking more than 400 data centres in over 50 countries.

Through Console Connect, the company claim its users can provision direct and private connections to over 900 entities worldwide, including major private and public cloud providers, and a growing number of carrier, data centre, SaaS, UCaaS and IoT partners.

“Singapore is one of Asia’s most important hubs and a key growth market for Console Connect in 2021,” said Michael Glynn, Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation, PCCW Global.

“I am delighted to welcome Princeton Digital Group to the Console Connect ecosystem while extending the availability of our platform in Singapore.

“As businesses in the country accelerate their journey to the cloud, they are more reliant on networks to access digital infrastructure and services.

“Console Connect not only improves the overall security and performance of connections to the cloud, it also gives enterprises greater agility as they embark further on their cloud journey.”

Console Connect’s new Internet On-Demand (IO-D) service will also soon be available to PDG customers at the Singapore data centre, enabling them to purchase more carrier services through one access port.

SG1 is located in the centre of Singapore and is a strategic location for hyperscale cloud providers and enterprises.

“In this data-first economy, cloud connectivity is a critical component of our client’s digital strategy,” said Chris Street, Executive Vice President, Market Development, PDG.

“We look forward to working closely with the PCCW Global team to enable our clients to extend their fabric seamlessly to the cloud and support their growth needs.”

PDG has 18 data centres in 12 cities across Asia, including Surabaya, Jakarta and Shanghai.