A smarter approach to diversity

A smarter approach to diversity

21 September 2020 | Sponsored Statement


Smart CIC’s diversity champion, global account director, Catherine Hemingray, takes the spotlight to explain her role and what diversity means to the company. She explains how SmartCIC are working smarter to address the challenges facing the telecoms sector in the shadow of Covid-19.

Hemingray is an exponent of diversity and the values and strengths it creates in an organisation. Bringing a wealth of experience to her role, having worked as a senior Healthcare manager prior to her career in telecoms, she is accustomed to working and facilitating complex diverse teams to deliver solutions. Hemingray explains that these transferable skills have allowed her to apply her knowledge and credibility into developing and celebrating diversity in SmartCIC. She believes that the culture within the business is integral to organic growth and sustainability. “Diversity and inclusivity within an organisation are the founding blocks to sustainable and measured growth, allowing us to work independently together and in so doing creating inner strength that ultimately benefits our customers”.

At the centre of SmartCIC’s continued success is a diverse and inclusive culture. She believes that diversity is about bringing depth to an organisation – perspective – values and opinions and skills. “Everyone is an individual, from the team at SmartCIC, to our clients and partners. The key is to appreciate and recognise differences and use these to develop smarter solutions. The success of our business is not just about the services that we sell but the people that deliver them” explains Hemingray.

She admits that creating, managing, and continuing the development of a diverse and inclusive culture requires work. It is not limited only to educating people about what diversity means but also, it’s about stepping out of the comfort zone and looking at who fits what role or part of a role best. It’s about being flexible and reflective when looking at conventional job definitions and not being constrained.

For Hemingray it is an appreciation of individual strengths and weaknesses. “Each one of us is different from each other, whether that is defined by race, gender, sexuality, age or neurological ability. Having a diverse and inclusive workforce enables us to celebrate these differences and focuses us to deliver smarter solutions for our customers. We demonstrate this clearly in our Service desk that reflects gender, race, age, experience, and cultural backgrounds.

The multi-faceted mix of our service desk allows us to work in complex environments with our field technicians to deliver smarter solutions. We want to ensure that with the growth of the business, we continue to reflect the depth of diversity that we have in our organisation”.

SmartCIC sees the development of a rich and varied staffing workforce as one the more tangible ways in which working Smarter is demonstrated. Hemingray refers to the concept of working smarter as a core value that encompasses all elements within their business. “Working smarter is central to SmartCIC, it provides us a framework for us to evaluate our working practices and constantly improve. Working smarter not only encapsulates diversity and culture but also how we approach opportunities and challenges in an agile and flexible way”.

SmartCIC’s modular approach to sourcing both connectivity and field services has gained traction with many of their customers and allows them to adapt their offerings in the current challenging economic climate. She believes that SmartCIC is positioning itself successfully to respond to the changing needs of its client base. In her role as Global account director, working smarter and the ability to be agile and flexible has allowed her to actively support clients and develop those relationships. “It’s reassuring knowing that I have a diverse team behind me that are focused on quality and customer service, demonstrating a flexible approach to explore alternative solutions with me to support customer needs.”
SmartCIC believes there is a place in the market for a smarter approach to deliver solutions that may appear too complicated for big carriers, too diverse or too small for others. SmartCIC are positioning themselves securely in that space, delivering value and quality and turnkey solutions.

SmartCIC is growing fast and we are constantly reviewing our performance in order to improve our services, delivery and solutions, says Hemingray. The strength of working together
as a team whilst empowering and engaging the organisation, celebrating diversity and inclusivity, being agile, flexible, maintaining quality, and keeping the client at the heart of our business, is what will sustain our growth says Hemingray.

Hemingray believes that a diverse and inclusive, agile, and flexible SmartCIC is ready to take on the challenges over the next 12 months and beyond by continuing to work Smarter.