Sinch awarded Red Compartida contract from VADSA

17 September 2020 | Melanie Mingas


Sinch has won a contract with VADSA to provide real-time charging capabilities for mobile operators on Mexico’s Red Compartida shared 4G-LTE network.

VADSA (Valor Agregado Digital, S.A. de C.V.) will integrate Sinch’s charging platform platform into the network with the first deployment serving customers on Exis Telecom, VADSA’s fully digital MVNO, scheduled for launch in Q4.

VADSA will use key components of Sinch’s charging platform that are fully virtualised and configured as 4G ready, to facilitate charging for international voice roaming. In the future, 5G and CHF (Charging Function) capabilities can be implemented, which VADSA said will allow it to evolve and address new market opportunities.

VADSA president Natalia Saenz, said: “VADSA aims to serve a modern subscriber that expects a fully real-time customer experience without being overcharged for it.

“Presenting up-to-date and relevant information to subscribers at the right time is an important part of our customer experience objectives, and Sinch’s charging component for our roaming voice services will help us achieve that,” Saenz added.

Sinch’s charging component for voice services will control inputs for real-time charging of roaming voice traffic and coordinate the pre, post, and in-call audio announcements to subscribers when traveling outside Mexico. Sinch described the charging components as playing an important role in securing revenue assurance for the MVNO and will contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction for voice services when roaming.

The solution is from Sinch’s Policy and Charging Control (PCC) portfolio which also includes an Online Charging System, and PCRF

Rolando Jiménez, VADSA’s head of operator sales for the Americas, said: “We are proud to see innovative telcos like VADSA taking advantage of our Policy and Charging Control portfolio. Sinch Charging technology now serves more than two million MVNO/Operator second brand customers in Latin America. With its pioneering Red Compartida network, Mexico provides a new market opportunity for Sinch to help virtual operators provide additional choices to consumers seeking more tailored mobile services.”

Altán Redes won the 20 year contract to deliver the Red Compartida in late 2016. Intended to  compete with the dominant América Móvil, the network went into service in 2018 with initial services centred on Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. The wholesale network runs on 700MHz spectrum that Altán Redes won more than a year prior to launch.

Most recently, in June of this year Mexico’s Televisa cable operator launched mobile service on the network.