Nokia digitalises global 5G network deployments

16 September 2020 | Melanie Mingas


Claiming an industry first, Nokia has digitalised 100% of its 5G network deployments globally, accelerating the ROI on next generation technology for operators.

Nokia said that when compared to the hybrid approaches currently in use, full virtualisation reduces site visits by 30%, improves installation quality by 30% and boosts cycle times by 25%.

To date more than 100 Nokia customers around the world have made use of digital deployment.

Nokia’s president of global services Sanjay Goel, said: “Today, many operators suffer from a fragmented way in how their next-gen 5G networks are designed, built and managed. The adoption of automation, AI and the digitalisation of assets are vital steps in a CSP’s digital transformation journey to capture the full potential of 5G.

“We are extremely proud to be the first to have reached this milestone of 100% digital deployments so customers around the world can benefit from a faster, more sustainable and higher quality network deployment process.”

The digitalised approach enables operators to manage assets through a digital database of the network that can be used to remotely and virtually access sites, making upgrades and expansions easier. Nokia also said this approach “minimises the CO2 footprint” by reducing truck rolls and eliminates the use of paper to save 1,500 trees a year.

Nokia’s digital deployments are continuously evolving to take advantage of the power of AI-based innovations, to further improve efficiencies at scale. intelligent defect recognition uses ML-based algorithms to identify defects in real-time through automated analyses of pre/post implementation pictures or video content. The system can also feedback on space availability to place specific equipment without the need of a site visit. 

Cris Antlitz, Principal Analyst, TBR said “Nokia’s ability to provide digitalised network deployment services spanning the full workflow of site development exemplifies the company’s commitment to and progress with its digital transformation journey. Nokia’s customers will greatly benefit from these innovations in infrastructure service delivery digitalisation as it will help improve quality and speed KPIs and lower TCO pertaining to rolling out 5G networks.”

Key digital deployment services are to include:  

  • Drone-led site surveys to ensure site builds are completed ‘first time right’ with material inventory down to a one-inch accuracy
  • Site digital database for faster technology evolution and upgrades as sites can be accessed remotely and CSPs can get a 360 virtual view
  • Workflow orchestration to deploy the right crews, with the right equipment, at the right time and place
  • AI and machine learning-powered tools to identify defects in real-time through automated analysis.
  • Real-time project dashboards for greater transparency and project management effectiveness