GAIA-X announces new developments in Sovereign European Digital Infrastructure

16 September 2020 | Abigail Opiah


The GAIA-X Initiative has announced that it is one step closer to its goal of a sovereign digital infrastructure for Europe, with the official signing of incorporation papers for GAIA-X AISBL, a non-profit association.

The initiative’s twenty-two founding members signed the documents in Brussels to create an association for securing funding and commitment from members to fulfil the initiative’s vision for Europe.

While final incorporation is pending, the founding members of GAIA-X AISBL said they are seeking active participation and membership from national and multi-national, European and non-European companies, as well as partners in the worlds of science and politics.

"We are deeply motivated to meet the challenges of the European digital economy,” said Servane AUGIER, Chief Operating Officer at 3DS OUTSCALE.

“Through GAIA-X, we are building, all together, a sovereign and reliable digital infrastructure and an ecosystem for innovation in Europe.

“In this way, we will strengthen the digital sovereignty of businesses, research and education, governments and society as a whole."

The association views its members as the primary drivers of progress and innovation.

“The BMW Group sees the future of automotive software in the cloud, whether it is about pioneering IT solutions for the development and production of premium vehicles, new digital services for our customers or innovative features in the car,” said Marco Görgmaier, Head of DevOps Platform and Cloud Technologies, The BMW Group.

“Participation in the GAIA-X project is a logical step in our intention to further expand our innovative strength.

“The goals of the GAIA-X project - striving for data sovereignty, reducing dependencies, establishing cloud services on a broad scale and creating an open ecosystem for innovation—are fully in line with our own efforts.”

As the incorporation process is moving forward, the association will continue to set-up its head office in Brussels and establish organisational structures.