Going up: PCCW Global gives a lift to IoT business

Going up: PCCW Global gives a lift to IoT business

12 August 2020 | Alan Burkitt-Gray


PCCW Global’s Console Connect has advanced its position in the internet of things (IoT) with deals with a healthcare company and an elevator company.

Hong Kong-based PCCW Global has signed an IoT ecosystem partnership programme agreement with Sure Universal to deliver a home care medical solution.

The collaboration aims to address the urgent need to deliver connected medical care from home, thereby reducing hospital visits for simple medical diagnostics, which in turn will help to prevent overloading medical facilities and reduce exposure to hospital-acquired infections.

PCCW Global’s senior VP for mobility products and marketing, Craig Price, said the company will power Sure’s “home care solution by providing the network, technical know-how, and functional distribution to bring it to the international market. IoT will deliver tremendous value and benefits to the medical industry, especially in these unique times.”

At the same time, PCCW Global has signed a collaboration agreement with Spanish elevator specialist Nayar Systems to provide access to its global network, with coverage of over 120 countries using its Console Connect IoT SIM connectivity.

“We look forward to assisting to deliver this integrated IoT solution to the international market,” said Price.

Nayar Systems CMO José Luis Sanchis said: “All problems related to elevator telecommunication connectivity are solved as the manufacturer controls the condition of the lift remotely at all times, without the installer having to deal with the problem of obtaining telecommunications connectivity from a local supplier.”

Through the Console Connect IoT management portal, Nayar Systems has the ability to activate, monitor, and manage any number of IoT SIMs remotely in over 120 countries where the company has presence, enabling immediate 4G connectivity for the telemetry, safety and remote control functions of its elevators.

Dr Viktor Ariel, CEO of Sure Universal, said: “Sure Universal is driven to provide exceptional, standardised and compliant IoT solutions for home care and we are honoured to be partnering with PCCW Global in order to rapidly deliver an urgently-needed home care IoT solution worldwide.”

The Console Connect IoT connectivity service will provide a customisable platform and interface to deliver global connectivity, simplify device management and IoT operations. The IoT connectivity service also features real-time monitoring from a single interface across multiple operator networks.

The service covers over 180 countries, providing support for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks, and delivering a one-stop, user-friendly SIM lifecycle management capability to service providers.