Telefónica promises to deliver fibre to 100% Spain by 2025

Telefónica promises to deliver fibre to 100% of Spain by 2025

30 July 2020 | Alan Burkitt-Gray


Telefónica will cover all of Spain with fibre by 2025, the company announced this morning, as part of what it called “the digital reinvention” of the country.

It said this Digital Deal will aims to make Telefónica's resources available to society after the Covid-19 pandemic “to help rebuild a better and more inclusive world”.

Telefónica’s chairman, José María Álvarez-Pallete (pictured), said: “We know the importance of the challenge. It is time to move from theories to facts for reconstruction; from the macro to the micro, so aid can reach people as soon as possible. We must be ready to take Europe's outstretched hand.”

The company said it is committed to ensuring that by 2025 fibre optics will cover 100% of the country, and that it intended “to be a leader in the implementation of 5G technology. This is Telefónica’s service commitment to reactivating the economy and rebuilding life.” He did not put a cost on the 100% fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) project, or suggest the costs to customers. 

It listed five priorities: boosting digitalisation for a more sustainable society and economy; addressing inequalities by investing in digital skills and adapting the welfare state; building inclusive and sustainable connectivity; ensuring fair competition by modernising the fiscal, regulatory and competition frameworks; and improving trust through ethical and responsible use of technology.

Álvarez-Pallete added: “We said that the pandemic meant the need for a Digital Deal couldn’t be postponed. And here is Telefónica’s Digital Deal.”

He said: “Now, more than ever, we need a Digital Deal that reflects the contributions, aspirations and desires of society as a whole. We now have a unique opportunity to fully enter into the fourth industrial revolution and achieve effective cooperation between governments, business and civil society. This is the path to a more sustainable, fair, inclusive and digital society.”