The CEO Business Case: Why is softwarisation and automation critical to the future of telco SPs?

16 July 2020 | Global Telco Blockchain Summit


Distributed Ledger Technology including Blockchain has huge potential to automate and de-fragment operations across multiple ICT-SP domains, which will both reduce costs and find new sources of revenue for communication service providers.

Following a short introduction and presentation on Blockchain for Telco service providers, this panel discussion will explore initial investment and gains, Current Core and VAS Opportunities, and also upcoming trends where this technology can create operational efficiencies and financial gains.

Marc Halbfinger, CEO, PCCW Global

Sibito Morley, Chief Data Officer, CenturyLink

Susan Zhou, COO, QLC Chain

Michael Kearns, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Amartus

Daniel Bar-Lev, VP Strategic Programs and Business Development EMEA, MEF Forum