The Digital Digest Ep 9 - The billionaires' podcast

26 June 2020 | João Marques Lima


Featuring editor-in-chief João Marques Lima, editor-at-large Alan Burkitt-Gray, deputy editor Melanie Mingas and senior reporters Abigail Opiah and Natalie Bannerman.

If there is an edition where we can call it the “billionaires’ podcast”, is this week’s episode where we look at SoftBank’s plans to sell $21 billion worth of T-Mobile US stock; Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund buying BT shares; Google’s plans to invest $2 billion in a data centre in Poland; Digicel lenders agreement to cut debt by $1.6 billion; and other stories including Equinix’s and Meeza’s latest data centres. To top it all off, we also look at the billionaires who are dominating the Covid-19 rich list.

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