Working Capital for Telecom Operators

Working Capital for Telecom Operators

15 June 2020 | Sponsored Q&A


Lenderwize provides efficient supply chain financing for Tier1 Operators and trade financing for Tier2 Wholesalers.

Q. What was your contribution to SwissCom and how would you like to contribute to the Global Telecom Wholesale Industry?

Augusto Pellegrini, former head of SwissCom Wholesale Global Sales, says:

“I was head of Swisscom wholesale, and helped to restructure the global wholesale divisions into a centralized structure, managing over $675M of revenues. A great experience which led the foundation for the merger of Swisscom and Belgacom into BICs. My experience taught me to understand the needs of Tier1 Wholesale Operators. How would I like to further contribute to the Global Wholesale Market?   By solving a universal need of Working Capital.   Finance and Telecom need to merge further. Traditional Finance does not understand Wholesale because it is digital. Lenderwize helps Finance to better understand this Digital World. Our mission is to help the Wholesale Industry to grow by providing Working Capital -  Bigger, Cheaper and Faster sources of funding”

Q. What is Lenderwize’s Supply Chain Financing solution for Tier1 Operators?

Augusto Pellegrini, cofounder Lenderwize , says:

“We have been approached by several Tier1 Operators and asked to provide a Deep Supply Chain Financing model. This means becoming a single source partner for the Tier1 Operator, extending their payment terms to suppliers,   financing their suppliers with faster payment terms. The advantage to the Tier1 Operator? It reduces their internal admin costs, reducing risks and creating greater liquidity within the Supply Chain. Suppliers receive greater Working Capital and negotiate better terms with their sub suppliers, increasing their margins. Lenderwize’s  Tier1 Supply Chain financing is truly a win-win-win solution, where everyone benefits. The model works for Tier 1 operators, Incumbants, (former) PTTs and all large Telecom Operators which want to exploit Lenderwize’s Innovative Blockchain Platform and our significant Funding Capacity dedicated to Telecom, and our flexible solutions offered in a totally reserve manner”.

Q. How can Lenderwize help Tier2 and Tier3 Operators with Working Capital?

Lawrence Gilioli, cofounder Lenderwize says:

“Lenderwize is setup to fund booming Telcos. We understand the needs of Wholesalers, and seek to fund their cash flow gaps. We help them to reduce their risks, by Credit Vetting their clients, and working with multiple Insurance companies. We are “switch agnostic”, working with TessPay, CommSettle and any platform provider. We purchase CDRs, Invoices, and provide debt facilities. Our mission is to help our clients to find “bigger, cheaper and faster” sources of funding. And we do this as an ongoing service. Our USPs includes a network of investors which compete amongst each other to serve our clients. We use blockchain technologies to mitigate all risks and to make sure that your clients pay you punctually.”

Q. How does Lenderwize’s unique Invoice Marketplace work?

Lawrence Gilioli, cofounder Lenderwize says:

“We are the first and only Invoice Marketplace for Telcos. We easily integrate with clients and we upload invoices, CDR files and sell these on a daily basis to our network of Investors. We get our Investors to compete amongst each other for bigger and cheaper cost of funding. The platform provides custom Dashboards and the activation is a very simple process for our clients and investors. Your Statement of Accounts is online and updated in real time, and  integrated with our Funding Facilities. We sit down with our clients to understand their funding needs and agree upon a plan which indicates amounts needed month by month, and the cost of funding depending on currency, size and risk appetite.  The platform is based on Blockchain technologies and integrated with Insurance partners, thanks to which they extend their Insurance Credit Limits”

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