GO Malta deploys Linxa’s wholesale management platform

GO Malta deploys Linxa’s wholesale management platform

29 October 2019 | Natalie Bannerman


GO, Malta’s first quad play telecoms provider, has chosen Linxa’s wholesale management platform to optimise its voice business.

The platform enables GO to automate its processes end-to-end while gaining increased visibility, insights and intelligence across its network.  GO also benefits from an easy to use solution to effectively manage pricing, routing, monitoring and invoicing to optimise performance.

“With our Linxa Connect Solution, GO is able to enhance how it manages the Voice piece of its quad play offering while delivering greater performance for users. It takes the complexity out of Voice with increased automation and a really easy to use interface,” said Kunal Dave, VP - Global Sales at Linxa. “Our work with GO shows that we have the scalability to serve local, and international wholesale carriers and automate how quad players manage their voice businesses.”

In addition, the platform allows GO to optimise routing plans reflecting costs, quality and commercial agreements as well as real-time visibility into live traffic, performance and profitability data. As a result, GO can make faster and more precise decisions about its voice business.

“As the leading quad player in Malta, optimising our Voice services is essential if we are to deliver the best possible experience for our customers, particularly for the inbound roamers that connect to GO’s state of the art mobile network. Such optimisation also translates into greater efficiencies in our operations. Linxa understood our goals, and worked closely with us every step of the way to deliver a solution that really captures all our requirements to provide faster, smarter and user-centric services,” said Patrick Gatt, senior manager for wholesale and international services at GO. “It was able to deploy its platform on time and on budget allowing us to experience an immediate positive impact on our operations,” he continued.   

Rebtel, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and Digital Wholesale Solutions have already deployed Linxa’s wholesale management platform.