Blue Planet launches inventory automation solution

Blue Planet launches inventory automation solution

09 October 2019 | Natalie Bannerman


Blue Planet, a division Ciena, is launching a new intelligent automation solution that gives service providers a unified view of network and service inventory.

The Blue Planet INS solution will help to eliminate expensive and tedious manual processes. It reduces order-to-service fallout by up to 40% and speeds up the trouble-to-resolve process by up to 30%, according to Blue Planet figures.

“Our customers are fed up with legacy inventory systems that are hindering digital transformation,” said Kailem Anderson, vice president of portfolio and engineering, Blue Planet. “Getting control of your inventory is one of the most critical ways service providers can deliver powerful experiences to end users. In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, providers can’t afford to not make network automation the foundation of their digital strategy.”

Ensuring greater alignment across IT and network operations, INS helps service providers deliver a network that can quickly adapt to ever-changing end user demands, driving greater efficiencies and faster time-to-market for 5G, video, IoT etc.

“The Blue Planet team understands the challenges of having multiple, legacy inventory systems and the adverse impact on business processes,” added Kevin Coyne, chief operating officer, FiberLight. “By gaining a single view of our network assets and systems, INS is an optimal way to transition to automated operations which ultimately drives greater agility and stronger customer satisfaction.” 

According to Analysys Mason, many top tier service providers report only 70% accuracy in their inventory systems and as a result, this causes high service order error rates, slow fulfilment, and inefficient use of network assets.

INS mitigates this by providing a dynamic view of network assets and services across Layer 0 to 3.Additionally, it has been engineered specifically to synchronise resources with OSS, so INS proactively discovers network equipment, federates OSS/BSS data into a unified view, and reconciles discrepancies to show how assets are being utilised.

“Across the globe, service providers are turning to intelligent software tools to eliminate fragmented and manual processes so that they can improve network operations and quickly roll-out new services, added Dana Cooperson, research director, Analysys Mason. “An accurate view of inventory will play a key role in helping providers to operationally transform and reap the full rewards of software-based networks. Blue Planet INS addresses this issue through a minimally-disruptive approach to discovering, federating and reconciling network/service and inventory data to create a single source of truth.”