Turkcell achieves record-breaking speeds in 5G trials

08 August 2019 | Natalie Bannerman


Turkcell has claimed a world record speed of 2.283Gbps and Turkey’s first 5G signal over its 5G test network using a 5G-compatible smartphone.

The speeds were reached using a smartphone compatible with the allocated 3.5GHz frequency using 1000MHz bandwidth and was carried out in Turkcell’s 5G-field in Istanbul.

“With world record speeds yielded on Turkey’s first 5G-device test, Turkcell proudly added another first to its track record,” said Gediz Sezgin, CTO of Turkcell. “We have one of the world’s fastest networks in Turkey and with this milestone passed, we continue our efforts to build the best 5G network. We keep providing the best quality services and high speeds to our customers as we further strengthen our strong network with 5G.”

The trial took place in partnership with Ericsson, with the speed test itself carried out over 3.5Ghz frequency with 3GPP standards compliant 5G-compatible smartphone - Oppo Reno 5G.

Additionally, Turkcell’s 4.5G network and 5G systems were used together for the test conducted over Turkcell’s 5G-compatible SIM. Using the non-standalone architecture of 5G, the smart phone connected to 4.5G and 5G simultaneously and the device reached download speeds higher than that of standalone 5G connection.

In June of this year, Odine Solutions and Versa Networks successfully deployed a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) core in Turkcell’s network. The deployment, which represents Turkey’s first commercial SD-WAN solution for a Tier-1 operator, will enable Turkcell’s corporate customers in Turkey with end-to-end software-defined and secure connectivity infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

SD-WAN is not only a major step forward in our digitalisation journey but more importantly it helps customers lower their costs and simplify their operations through central management while enabling real-time application visibility capabilities,” said Sezgin at the time.