LG Uplus’s 5G customers can roam on Elisa with Syniverse

LG Uplus’s 5G customers can roam in Finland after Syniverse IPX deal

07 August 2019 | Alan Burkitt-Gray


A second South Korean company has launched a 5G roaming service with a European operator.

Roaming company Syniverse says customers of Korean operator LG Uplus can now roam to Elisa’s 5G network in Finland.

Last month BICS announced it had launched a 5G roaming service between SK Telekom and Swisscom.

Syniverse SVP John Wick (pictured) said: “We offer the proven network connectivity technologies necessary to enable LG Uplus and Elisa to be the first to provide 5G roaming service in Finland and Korea.”

Dave Hongjun Choi, LG Uplus’s director of global roaming, said: “LG Uplus achieved a service innovation by providing the nation’s first unlimited data roaming plan, and a technology innovation by rolling out a 5G roaming service. LG Uplus will continue to offer the best roaming package plan and highest-quality services to exceed our customers’ expectations when they travel abroad.”

Wick said Syniverse used its IPX and Diameter Signaling Service solutions that “will facilitate the seamless availability of 5G services when mobile users roam, and this will in turn further accelerate the global adoption of 5G.”

LG Uplus has 13 million wireless and wireline customers in South Korea. Elisa is also a wireless and wireline operator and has more than 6 million customers.