RETN upgrades Eurasian link 

25 June 2019 | Laurence Doe


International network service provider RETN has announced a significant upgrade of its Eurasian network running through Kazakhstan – TRANSKZ. 

TRANSKZ is a unique cable system developed and operated by RETN, and the first true alternative to existing subsea cable systems connecting Europe and Asia. Launched in 2016, TRANSKZ is constantly upgraded and is now the low latency terrestrial paths linking all major locations in Europe to Central and East Asia.

“It is a great honor to be involved in this big project and to be an essential part of it. Transtelecom JSC is one of the largest telecommunication providers in the Republic of Kazakhstan," added Saken Baytruganov, vice president for commerce at Transtelecom JSC. "We specialise in provisioning of a wide range of telecommunication services, digitalisation and system integration in the field of IT, communications, automation and energy. Our business goal is to bring Kazakhstan people to digital well-being, and we are sure that with TRANSKZ route we make it happen. It is the most recent launched, one of the shortest and most protected of all existing terrestrial routes from Hong Kong to all European traffic exchange centers.“ 

The final stage of its development was completed in cooperation with Transtelecom JSC in Kazakhstan in May 2019. The infrastructure improvement follows the official opening of the upgraded fibre optic segment in Dostyk, Kazakhstan, on the border with China. 

“We are delighted to introduce TRANSKZ in its refined shape, the RETN Eurasian Way, and we strongly believe it will be successful in supporting international businesses and improving Europe’s connectivity with Central Asia, China and beyond,” said Dmitry Samarin, CEO at RETN. “We are proud that due to our partnership with Transtelecom JSC we managed to build a terrestrial route that is one of a kind, as it provides three fully diverse paths from Europe to the border with China and can boast one of the lowest latencies on the market”.