Q&A with Gloria Palavicini, deputy wholesale sales director, Neutral Networks

19 June 2019 | Laurence Doe


Gloria Palavicini, deputy wholesale sales director at Neutral Networks speaks to Capacity about how the company remains neutral and why it is a strong ally for carriers in the Mexican market

Why is Neutral Networks a strong ally for carriers looking to enter the Mexican market?

Neutral Networks offers an infrastructure platform that provides new alternatives in the Mexican telecom market, delivering more unique routes and connectivity solutions for carriers and wholesale service providers that support their coverage requirements through three main services: Ethernet connectivity, dark fibre and BTS towers.

We are a neutral company, and all of our services work throughout our redundant, scalable and flexible network with a typology that provides more stability to our customers, and a new CWDM ethernet network compatible with national and international carriers

What is Neutral Networks doing in order to remain a neutral company with neutral assets that strengthens the connectivity reach of its business partners?

We provide turnkey solutions through a completely neutral business model, as we don’t serve the enterprise market and we don’t compete with our clients. We deliver 100% neutral infrastructure including Ethernet connectivity covering 9 major cities in key business areas, penetrating the most important markets in Mexico, helping them expand their reach with our carrier-class services.

How is Neutral Networks designed to be a “one-stop shop” for end-to-end integrated solutions?

Neutral Networks is part of a group of telecom companies Even Group, a single point of contact designed to offer integrated solutions to operators in the telecommunications industry through OPEX and CAPEX models that adapt to the specific needs of our customers. Because of this, we have the capability to provide network construction, installation, and maintenance services through our infrastructure construction arm Even Telecom, delivering a full spectrum of telco services.

What will the company provide to operators?

We were the first telecom company in Mexico that offered dark fibre lease in metro areas. This service is accompanied by a portfolio that allows operators to complement their operations services through a robust network, meeting the demand for the highest capacity, lowest latency fibre routes, and high-capacity wavelength solutions through a metro ethernet footprint of over 2,000kms in 9 main cities in Mexico, with over 280 BTS towers and 3,000 friendly sites.

How will the telecommunications industry benefit through the group’s OPEX and CAPEX models? And in what ways do they adapt to the specific needs of your clients?

Since we are part of a telecom infrastructure group, the company has the capacity to deliver built to suit solutions that broaden the connectivity scope of our clients through OPEX and CAPEX models.

If a customer doesn’t have enough capital to invest in a project, Neutral Networks can build fibre and rent it to the client; if they want to expand their reach, we can build more kilometres and allow operators to connect their network and enhance it through our connectivity solutions in the cities within our footprint.

How does the Neutral Networks’ network, which consists of more than 2,000 km of fibre in nine key cities, give the company an advantage in the Mexican market?

Our network is less than three years old and provides Ehernet carrier class services catering to the main industrial parks in the country, where the most important business corporations are located.

We have an aggressive growth strategy that has allowed us to reach over 2,000 km of fibre in less than two years, including long haul connectivity and internet services in the north of Mexico. We are moving in the right direction and our focus remains on strengthening our portfolio as we continue to pursue connectivity opportunities in international markets in the near future.

What capabilities do 280 BTS Towers and 3,000 billboards provide that will ensure the company has the capacity, coverage and scalability in order to provide for the growing needs of its clients?

Neutral Networks’ fibre product differentiates from others as it provides FTTx coverage that includes connectivity to wireless sites and is part of our fibre backbone, enabling MNOs to offer more coverage and capacity where needed thanks to our collocation opportunities. We are exploring the use of billboards, where we allocate small cells and antennas that open more coverage in areas of high density where consumers demand more bandwidth capacity to send and receive data.

Our goal is to help to produce a new digital ecosystem that will encompass fibre, towers and antennas in order to serve the new technologies needed to support smart cities and 5G networks.

How do your two brands, Even Telecom and Neutral Networks, work together successfully in order to provide solutions for the Mexican market?

Developing our projects alongside Even Telecom gives us a very strong competitive advantage, attending our customers every step of the way: since the planning and deployment of fibre infrastructure, to the administration and maintenance services without depending on third parties.

Our focus remains on expanding our clients’ services as far as possible across the country through a portfolio mix of Ethernet services, fibre footprint and BTS towers located in strategic sites, covering more than 80% of the nation, making us the best business partner for carriers aiming to reach the Mexican market.