Syniverse launches carrier-neutral roaming hub for LoRa networks

13 June 2019 | Alan Burkitt-Gray


Syniverse has launched what it calls the first neutral roaming platform for wide area networks (WANs) using LoRa – low range – technology.

The project will allow unlicensed internet of things (IoT) technologies such as Wifi and LoRa networks to work together across global networks, said the company, which launched the service at a LoRaWAN conference in Berlin.

“We will use our strengths and capabilities on cellular and Wifi to launch a LoRaWAN roaming platform,” said John Wick, senior vice president at Syniverse’s service provider group.”

“This service will be a neutral, carrier-grade interconnection platform for the entire LoRaWAN ecosystem with aim to support massive interconnections, simplify business processes, increase agility and further unlock the full potential of LoRaWAN through roaming.”

Syniverse said the service will allow the IoT ecosystem to grow “because there is a common underlying infrastructure managed by a neutral third-party that allows disparate networks to harmonise”. This approach “streamlines international rollouts, domestic network aggregation and supply chain solutions”, the company added.  

Syniverse says it already connects 800 mobile operators and settles more than $15 billion a year through mobile technology. It said LoRaWAN is a leading unlicensed spectrum low-power, wide-area technology that addresses IoT use cases in more than 100 countries.

The move was supported by Kerlink, which yesterday announced a joint venture in LoRaWAN with Tata Communications. CTIO and co-founder Yannick Delibie said: “A roaming hub platform delivered and orchestrated by a world-leading specialist like Syniverse is another major step forward to position unlicensed LPWAN [low-power wide-area networking] as a relevant answer for massive IoT.”

One mobile operator that supported the announcement was France’s Bouygues Telecom. Stéphane Allaire, CEO of its Objenious IoT division, said: “Since we are a founder of the Lora Alliance, Objenious has always been a leader for LoRaWAN development, creating the first nationwide network in France, signing the first LoRaWAN roaming agreement between a carrier, and now supporting Syniverse.”

Allaire added: “It’s a big step forward for LoRaWAN and a strong signal to our customers all around the world that shows LoRaWAN is now global and supports strong business development and thought leadership on LPWAN.”