Nokia boasts more 5G deals than any other vendor

04 June 2019 | Laurence Doe


Nokia has claimed to have made more commercial 5G deals than any other vendor with operators around the world, announcing that it has a “steady pipeline in place" for further agreements.

The Finnish multinational teclo, which made the bold statement based on its competitors’ publicly available information, said it has made 42 deals with 22 customers such as T-Mobile, Telia Company and Softbank.

Including these agreements, Nokia's 5G deals, trials and demos total over 100 5G customer engagements to date.

Nokia said in an announcement that it now has its 5G technology present in “all the regions in the world” with “notable” recent wins in Latin America, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

One of its recent agreements was made with Ooredoo Qatar, which selected Nokia to build a 5G cloud-native core network to support the delivery of enhanced mobile broadband services, including aerial drones.

Another Nokia deal with Ericsson will involve building 5G-based home broadband services for Singtel’s Australian unit, Optus.

Nokia added in its announcement that its “strong deal momentum” is in pace and volume of top-tier global operator wins and averaging a major operator win announcement every week since its 30th commercial 5G contract in March.

Nokia’s president and CEO Rajeev Suri commented: "The pace of 5G progress is accelerating across the globe.

“We are delivering significant performance increases to operators and the power of Nokia's end-to-end portfolio is being recognized. In fact, in pretty much every network where Nokia products are deployed, we are the performance leader.

“Here and now - at the beginning of one of the most radical technology transitions ever with 4G giving way to 5G - this is Nokia's time to shine."

Nokia has carried out high-profile early rollouts of 5G in North America, Korea and Europe, but added in its statement that it is “looking forward to announcing its work” with operators in emerging nations and regions such as India and Latin America “over the coming months”.

Adding to its industry bravado, Nokia said: “To date, every 4G customer that has come to us to investigate how we may work with them for 5G has selected Nokia as a vendor and cumulatively we believe we have a higher share with these customers in 5G than we had in 4G.”

It was recently found that seven telecoms equipment makers are responsible for 80% of worldwide sales to service providers.