Digital Realty to spend $275m on new London data centre

20 November 2018 | Alan Burkitt-Gray


Digital Realty has announced the opening of a new data centre at what it calls its London Crawley campus.

The latest expansion provides a purpose-built data centre for the London market, which is the second building on the 6.5-hectare site, with plans to add more buildings.

“Crawley North has been built to a market-leading, quality standard that maintains Digital Realty’s global standards and sets the benchmark for data centres worldwide,” said Tony Jacob, Digital Realty’s vice president of design and construction.

Though the data centre is called London Crawley, it is just to the south of Gatwick airport, about 50km south of central London.

“As we further invest and develop the campus, we will continue to innovate in our data centre design and construction,” said Jacob. “The next data hall, due for completion in early 2019, will use leading design technology to support its construction process and we’ll look to rapidly develop such innovations across other projects too.”

The investment in this campus will come to over $275 million, said Digital Realty.

The new data centre features four data halls and approximately 5,100 square metres of data halls in a highly resilient and energy efficient facility. This is the latest in the Digital Realty portfolio of more than 200 data centres around the world.

Crawley North represents the next phase in significant growth for Digital Realty’s EMEA region, and particularly for the UK market. It delivers another important element for the interconnected business communities that are developing within data centres which means businesses are on a continuous journey to digitally transform and grow at a rapid pace by connecting to the cloud, to suppliers and customers.

Rob Coupland, Digital Realty’s managing director for EMEA, said: “We know from our recently published Data Economy Report that data centres deliver a significant boost to the economy. This is why we’ll continue to power our customers’ digital ambitions through our investments so that we can help them put in place the digital foundations from which they can gain competitive edge, expand and grow their businesses.”