All things are connected in the new intelligent world of services

30 August 2018 |


Huawei will be hosting its annual Operations Transformation Forum on 3 and 4 September 2018 in Munich. Liang Hua, chairman of the company’s board of directors, introduces the issues that will be discussed

The vision and goals of operations transformation are to realise the digital ROADS (Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social) experience for the end user, to realise business agility to allow rapid innovation in digital services, development and go-to-market strategy, and also to realise automation, self-healing, self-optimising and autonomy of ICT infrastructure management through digital technology.

A new intelligent world is coming, in which all things can sense, and all things are connected.

The Huawei GIV – Global Industry Vision – predicts that by 2025 the number of personal smart devices will reach 40 billion, while the total number of global connections will reach 100 billion, to create a digital economy worth $23 trillion.

Huawei believes that, in the 5G era, operators will play an increasingly important role in areas such as smart cities, smart homes and smart healthcare. To achieve this, in addition to leveraging upcoming 5G technology, operators should also realise the ROADS experience, business agility and network intelligence through operational transformation.

Many operators have made good progress in achieving their transformation goals, but most still have many unanswered questions and challenges to overcome. They will be joining this year’s Operations Transformation Forum (OTF) and sharing their best practices from the past year, since last year’s OTF in Hong Kong.

In addition, there will be inspirational speakers from operators and influential organisations such as Deutsche Telekom, KPN, Orange, BT, Turkcell, Safaricom, HKT, BBVA and GSMA. They will join the OTF to share their viewpoints.

The forum focuses on the new business scenarios that will place new demands on operators.

In the 5G era, how should operators leverage digital operations to combine the connectivity capabilities of massive numbers of users and devices with new operations capabilities to efficiently meet end users’ needs and hence seize the new opportunities that become available?

These topics will all be discussed during OTF 2018, which continues to focus on digital operations transformation, including 5G and the latest topics such as sharing news of transformation practices and presenting business solutions presentation.

Those in Munich will hear about the world’s first Digital Transformation Practice Center (DTPC) experience. These topics are going to be discussed in-depth during the two-day event – see panel

In addition, customers will be sharing details of many successful business stories. Huawei continues to build an open platform for all industries, working alongside them to gradually but robustly achieve digital transformation and ultimately bring digital services to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Hong Kong

At last year’s forum, OTF 2017, in Hong Kong, China, Huawei invited customers, partners and academics to share a number of topics, including:

• developing video services and expanding B2B business with cloud services for growth;

• realising agile operations by cloudification to build a solid foundation for digital business; and

• building experience-oriented network to optimise network value.

Delegates in Hong Kong also discussed how to accelerate overall transformation through open ecosystem collaboration.

They heard from HKT, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, NTT DoCoMo and SoftBank, plus DBS, GSMA, and MIT about the remarkable progress in achieving their transformation goals.

Huawei recommended three key ingredients for telecoms companies to achieve successful digital transformation.

• Firstly, digital mastermind, a comprehensive set of prescriptive methods for transformation, building on the work of the Open ROADS community.

• Secondly, the need to create an industry reference model, which allows best-in-class solutions to be incorporated into future solution.

• And, last but not least, the need to prioritise transformation activities to ensure that real value is regularly delivered throughout the transformation.

Ryan Ding, executive director of the board and CEO of Huawei’s carrier business group, gave a speech titled "Transforming towards digital business – embrace, act, accelerate".

He pointed out that the industry has a consensus for digital transformation, and that it is reformulating digital business practice. Enterprise IT and connectivity services, video services and internet of things (IoT) services allow operators to give full play to their network advantages and can be effectively enhanced with digital technologies.

He said that Huawei will build multi-layer enabler platforms and infrastructure to align with industry development trends and contribute to industry growth and business success.

Operations Transformation Forum 2018, Munich

The keynote consists of three sessions

1: Digital service enabling new growth

2: Digital infrastructure implementation efficiency improvement

3: Agile way of working and talent skill improvement

Roundtables and tracks include:

Roundtable 1: Monetising 5G by agile operations

Exploring the most suitable 5G services, business, network and operations with insight and practice by business and technical feasibility study.

Roundtable 2: Build a successful premium home broadband business

Sharing global best practices of home broadband businesses, exploring how to achieve optimal network investment, improving operational efficiency through digital technology and reshaping the home network experience.

Track 1: Crafting digital for new growth

Sharing digital transformation with reports of successful practices in business, operation and network, discussing how to build digital business agility for diversified business scenarios toward 5G era, realising service automatic provisioning, self-healing and self-optimisation, and finally accelerating innovation and growth.

Track 2: AUTIN, intelligence to modernise operations towards 5G

Sharing industry insights on 5G operations, cloud operations challenges, and the successful practices of automation and intelligence as well as security standards of cloud services. Discussing how to prepare and work together towards for 5G operations.

CEM Elite Club

The CEM Elite Club will meet in a salon that brings together like-minded customer-experience management (CEM) industry experts to discuss how to achieve digital customer experience with operators, industry organisations, and ecosystem partners.

Exhibition hall

The exhibition at OTF 2018 will offer demonstrations of operations transformation in services solution and practice from the point of view of the customer.

One demonstration will be of digital services to enable new business. It includes digital business consulting, design, provisioning, CEM and intelligent operations aspects to demonstrate digital operation transformation value for future

The second is digital infrastructure to enhance efficiency, using planning, construction, operation, optimization and marketing for customer business success.