Converging the ASEAN region and the world through connectivity and content localisation

30 August 2018 |


Amar Huzaimi, executive vice president of TM Global, talks about the company's plans to propel Malaysia as the regional gateway interconnecting the world and the ASEAN region, while accelerating digital opportunities in domestic and international telecommunications

With a new government in place, TM GLOBAL is boosting its efforts to propel Malaysia as the regional internet hub and digital gateway for South-East Asia. TM GLOBAL is positioning itself as a trusted accelerator, helping to make business easier for its customers, and aiming to be more effective and efficient in utilising its resources and assets, in line with the industry requirements.

It remains a priority for TM GLOBAL to develop its terrestrial and international network, to enhance the experience of its customers, and to push forward with its collaboration with partners from adjacent verticals. TM GLOBAL is also expanding its capability in providing services beyond connectivity to accelerate its customers’ business and coverage to the digital world, making innovations possible.

TM GLOBAL plays a prominent role in positioning Malaysia as the ideal gateway for the world into ASEAN region, as well as for organisations in the region looking outwards. To achieve this, TM GLOBAL has been developing a multi-services hub ecosystem, embodied by its submarine cable systems, new data centres capacity, and strengthened by its strategically located Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in the ASEAN region and beyond.

Creating value for the domestic industry

Let’s take a look at what TM GLOBAL has been doing to accelerate business growth in its home market of Malaysia. Its efforts here have been about promoting Malaysia’s transition into a dynamic digital economy by enabling local service providers to develop and enhance their networks.

The world-class High Speed Broadband (HSBB) network infrastructure supports not only most of its services and solutions but also other industry players through TM GLOBAL’s service offerings, expanding further the consumer broadband market. The customer base of the local operators that subscribe to TM GLOBAL’s High Speed Broadband Access solution has grown by 13.5% from 2016.

Meanwhile, its domestic connectivity services include TM Next Generation Backhaul™ (TM NGBH™), created for the benefit of local mobile operators’ Long Term Evolution (LTE) rollouts. It has enriched the TM NGBH™ service portfolio with the introduction of front-haul solutions such as Smart Centralised Radio Access Network (C-RAN) and In-Building Coverage (IBC) to aid the development of smart cities.

Key to its strategy for smart cities is allowing the sharing of infrastructure to save space and reduce cost, not only for the operators but also the property owners. This means that other operators do not have to incur additional capital expenditure (CAPEX), and the duplication of infrastructure can be avoided. Moreover, the property owners just need to deal with a single party with no hassle.

IBC, for example, offers a way to optimise the reach of mobile telephony signals in closed environments such as office and residential buildings, shopping malls, subway systems and commercial centres. For instance, the solution will enable retail outlets in a shopping mall to introduce machine-to-machine advertising, creating more avenues for advertisements with personal touch.

Smart C-RAN, on the other hand, is more towards "outside-the-building" solution for a greener, smarter, safer and more connected city. TM GLOBAL has been engaging with several mobile network operators to provide a common infrastructure for the provision of Smart C-RAN services in various areas. This is the basis of a digital ecosystem that offers better LTE coverage, widespread WiFi access and fully integrated CCTV-based surveillance.

Smart C-RAN is an investment for the future, allowing for huge capacity requirements and coping with space constraints, while preserving the aesthetic values of smart urban areas. Smart C-RAN and IBC are evidence of TM’s commitment to lay a foundation to support the digital economy. TM GLOBAL is proud of its contribution not only in increasing Malaysia’s HSBB penetration but also in establishing sound values for the industry.

On top of this, together with its vast experience in the rolling out of HSBB and the deployment of TM NGBH™ for mobile operators and other telecommunication services, TM GLOBAL is offering its in-house expertise and resources in the form of consultancy services to both domestic and international players, especially in the emerging markets.

Malaysia as the gateway for South-East Asia

TM GLOBAL is truly well positioned to propel Malaysia as a regional Internet hub and digital gateway for South-East Asia. It is committed to be a trusted accelerator in connecting the rest of the world to the ASEAN region, interchangeably. TM GLOBAL has positioned Malaysia as the hub connecting the rest of the world with the ASEAN region, especially Indonesia and Indochina, via its extensive global connectivity, network infrastructure and collective expertise.

It has set up a new international PoP in Marseille, France, for service providers who need connectivity into Europe, giving it a total of 30 PoPs around the world, with nine (9) PoPs operating in Malaysia and another five (5) across ASEAN in Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Moreover, the completion of its new submarine cable systems, namely Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand (MCT) and Nusantara Gateway (NuGate), also strengthened its position as an experienced investor in domestic, regional and global submarine cable development, with stakes in several routes across the Asia-Pacific and the North American regions.

The completion of MCT and NuGate adds to its total of 20 submarine cables with fibre-routes in excess of 190,000 km throughout the globe.

In addition, as part of its global reach, TM has recently established its Dubai office in the form of the Telekom Malaysia Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (TM DMCC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of TM. Telecommunication players in Gulf states like the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman can start engaging with TM GLOBAL for access to its products and services or working together to explore potential areas of collaboration.

To complete the chain, TM now has world class data centre infrastructure. TM has nine (9) data centres in Malaysia, and one (1) in Hong Kong. Its main data centres are the Tier-III certified state-of-the-art Twin Core Data Centre solutions: Iskandar Puteri Core Data Centre (IPDC), launched in 2017 and the soon-to-be-launched Klang Valley Data Centre (KVDC) in Cyberjaya.

All of these developments make TM GLOBAL fit to realise its mission to facilitate access to popular content. Major international content players can easily co-locate at its data centres, and this relationship helps to make life easier for service providers across the ASEAN region, knowing that they can connect to international content providers located within TM’s data centres without having to negotiate separate contracts with them.

TM GLOBAL will continue focusing on both domestic and international wholesale business, offering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge communication services and solutions in connectivity and beyond. It is a trusted partner in delivering seamless integrated solutions to accelerate customers’ connectivity and coverage to the digital world.

With extensive global connectivity, network infrastructure and collective expertise, TM GLOBAL aims to serve as a gateway not just into Malaysia but for the wider region. It also hopes that with all the above efforts, strengthened by collaborations with both domestic and international players, it will be able to effectively play its role in boosting the economic prospects of the whole ASEAN region.