Proximus and Destiny sign FTTB wholesale deal

26 April 2018 | Natalie Bannerman

Proximus has signed a fibre-to-the-business wholesale deal with Destiny, the cloud business services provider, in Belgium.

Under the terms of the agreement Proximus will give Destiny flexible bit stream access to its fibre network. The news comes as Proximus pledged to make a €3 billion investment in the rollout of fibre in Belgium as part of its Fiber for Belgium plan.

Dirk Lybaert 200x200.“Wholesale plays an important part in the roll-out of the optical fibre network in the framework of the Fiber for Belgium project. From the outset, Proximus opened its network through an offer based on bitstream access. Fibre is an opportunity for the sector as a whole, and for Belgium, Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, to fully embrace the future of the digital society. That is why we are very pleased to welcome wholesale partners such as Destiny onto the fibre network, to make our investment a success for all our customers,” said Dirk Lybaert, chief of group corporate affairs at Proximus.

The company says that investment in faster broadband networks are crucial in order to give businesses and residents access to the enhanced digital services, while also preparing for future connectivity and capacity requirements. In addition, through the use of Proximus’ open fibre network other operators are able to offer their own services using flexible access solutions, all which Proximus says contributes to a competitive broadband market in Belgium.

Commenting on the deal, Daan De Wever, managing director & founder of Destiny, said: “Destiny has been Benelux’s leading independent provider of cloud communication solutions for many years. Destiny’s cloud interaction platform allows companies to communicate more efficiently from any location and with any device, because telecom and IT integrate seamlessly in the underlying architecture. As a result, Destiny offers very flexible and scalable solutions, perfectly fitting the needs of the client and our partners. Proximus’ fibre roll-out further reinforces our possibilities to make the access to our cloud interaction platform more efficient and safe.”

Only last month, Proximus borrowed €400 million to fund its fibre expansion plans in business and residential networks. The money was borrowed from the European Investment Bank (EIB), to support the company’s Fiber for Belgium project.