Vatican picks Interoute for digital transformation

26 April 2018 | Natalie Bannerman

Interoute's 72,000km fibre network has been selected to support the Vatican Communications Secretariat’s new online site.

The site encompasses many different communication channels including: radio, TV and publishing into a single portal, all to support the church’s goal to meet the needs of the current digital environment.

pope francis 250x364Commenting on the announcement, Gareth Williams, CEO of Interoute, said: "We are honoured to support the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See with our decades of experience. Interoute has built the pan-European backbone infrastructure which powers the digital transformation of global organisations. From our experience building and managing one of Europe’s largest networks, Interoute has gained the knowledge and competence to support this unique project, respecting delivery times and the constraints imposed by the cultural and artistic heritage of this important site."

The new portal allows users to seat for various kinds of information and gives them multimedia, multi-device and multilingual content. Using Interoute’s fibre optic digital backbone supports the Vatican’s digital transformation strategy as it offers secure, scalable and high-performance capacity. As result users of the site experience high quality content, particularly for bandwidth audio-visual content. In addition, the network also enables faster and smoother data transmission as well as high resilience across long distances.

"The rethinking of the Holy See's communication system meant an important technological shift as the worlds of web, broadcasting and publishing merge. Alongside the portal we will launch other services, and we are also considering further projects to distribute quality multimedia content directly to users, such as documentaries or other important productions. Interoute's new fibre network is the infrastructure basis for enabling this cutting-edge project,” added Francesco Masci, head of the technology department of the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See.

The project between the two involved navigating through a number of stringent circumstances, including network cables in the Vatican City one of the most religious and culturally significant site in the world. In total Interoute owns and operates approximately 72,000 route kilometres of fibre across Europe.