DE-CIX down at Frankfurt after power failure at Interxion

10 April 2018 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

A huge power failure at Interxion in Frankfurt on Monday night has affected users connected to DE-CIX.

The company reported that services connected to DE-CIX6/FRA5 were affected. German traffic was badly affected overnight.

DE-CIX said on Tuesday morning: “Power is back on again and stable for the moment. All formerly affected systems are back into operation.”

Thomas King, DE-CIX’s chief innovation officer, said during the power outage that “some DE-CIX systems for communication” such as mail were affected. “We are working hard to get them back to work,” he said on Twitter overnight.

Reports overnight said internet services across the country were affected, from around 22:00 local time, with “a significant increase in the number of trouble reports”.

DE-CIX announced on Monday evening that Interxion, which runs the German routing server, lost a large amount of power. As a result, many websites were no longer accessible. Social networks reported the malfunctions.

Services that were affected, according to local reports, included Facebook, Google, Netflix and Spotify, as well as local media companies ProSieben and RTL, plus Deutsche Bahn, the German railway company.

DE-CIX initially expected the fault to last two hours, but it was four hours – at 02:00 local time on Tuesday morning – before power was restored and testing could begin. DE-CIX said that systems were running normally at 06:30.