Lanck Telecom to launch fraud management system at Capacity Russia

10 April 2018 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

St Petersburg-based Lanck Telecom is launching a new fraud management system at Capacity Russia.

The system, developed in-house, “is a cutting-edge system [that] provides a unique approach to prevention and detection of fraudulent actions aimed at telecom companies”, said Lanck.

At the core of the system are “the proficient expertise in voice and SMS traffic transition, alongside a broad knowledge of statistics and machine learning”, said the company.

“It helps to build the most effective algorithms for proactive detection of the most sophisticated fraud types, including IRSF, generated traffic, wangiri calls, spoofing, and so on.”

Lanck said that “with a high level of adaptability, it’s possible to implement any proactive or reactive anti-fraud policy according to the client’s requirements. That helps Lanck Telecom’s partners to minimise risks and eliminate direct, operational and reputational losses.”