Colt launches enterprise voice presence in 10 new markets

06 April 2018 | Natalie Bannerman

Colt Technology Services is expanding its inbound voice services footprint to 10 new territories making it easier for enterprises to expand globally.

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The 10 new territories which are the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Luxembourg, taking Colt’s global footprint to 23 countries in total. The new service expansion will be made available via a simple online portal and will enable enterprises to reach new customers.

Commenting on the service expansion, Rajiv Datta, COO at Colt, said: “Customer service is increasingly seen as a key differentiator in business performance, and voice is recognised as a critical touch-point for customer interaction. But setting up voice infrastructure in a new market can be a challenging task. With Colt’s global voice services portfolio, enterprises can expand across the globe with a fully automated service portal. This enables customers to set up, scale up and scale down their voice network, minimising time-to-market by ordering Service Access Numbers in a few clicks and reducing administration overheads by avoiding paperwork.”

Colt says that the need for this expanded service is driven by rate of global business expansion. As companies all around the world are increasing the rate at which they are expanding into foreign markets, the process of growing into a new territory poses many challenges, particularly in the field of IT and telecoms provisioning. Some companies may need to establish a physical office space, hire local staff and then provision local voice and data connectivity, a process that can be expensive and time consuming, because of unfamiliar or complicated local regulations and the need to establish relationships with local suppliers.

But Colt global voice services, allows businesses to provision freephone or other local numbers and automate complex routing for calls via a single online interface. Meaning that virtual call centres can be set up easily and services like inbound and outbound calls, call queuing, interactive voice response, call forwarding, monitoring and reporting can all be done quickly and efficiently.

Colt recently celebrated another joint success, in partnership with Verizon the two companies’ successfully demonstrated two-way inter-carrier software-defined network (SDN) orchestration during a live trial demonstration in London. During the showcase the two companies where able to make real-time bandwidth changes in each other’s networks through an Equinix interconnect.