Juniper Networks enhances its unified cybersecurity platform

04 April 2018 | Natalie Bannerman

Juniper Networks has unveiled a number of enhancements to its unified cybersecurity platform enabling its customers to run their businesses across various locations and clouds.

Juniper says that the enhancements are to address the need of organisations for unified cybersecurity solutions that can interoperate with existing devices and visualise data in a way that is prioritised and actionable.

“As threats increase, so too should the speed and efficacy with which we enable our customers to respond, said Amy James, director of security portfolio marketing at Juniper Networks. “By addressing the complexities that security teams face every day with our unified cybersecurity platform, Juniper is helping organisations detect, analyse and mitigate threats with more precision and at a faster pace. With optimised security operations and faster remediation, our new enhancements will offer better, more consistent cybersecurity across enterprise networks and clouds.”

The enhancements to the solution simplify security operations by accelerating time to detection and orchestrating mitigation. Resulting in improved productivity and tighter security across enterprise networks and cloud workloads whether in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or private data centres.

“Juniper has a longstanding commitment to an open, unified approach to cybersecurity that helps customers automate, adapt and simplify their network security. This approach is further bolstered by our recent admission to the Cyber Threat Alliance, as we continue to make strides toward truly open threat sharing and collaboration to keep our customers’ networks safe,” added Bikash Koley, chief technology officer at Juniper Networks.

Other feature enhancements to the unified cybersecurity platform include: a consolidated timeline view of threat behaviour with integrated inline blocking which gives security teams a simplified and comprehensive view of threats; adaptive detection and automated enforcement against advanced threats which enables adaptive malware detection that triggers automated policy enforcement for a substantially hardened security posture across networks and cloud environments; extended cloud workload protection here Juniper extends multi-cloud workload protection and consistent security across multi-cloud environments, securing workloads in AWS virtual private clouds; global data centre expansion for Juniper Sky ATP Juniper Networks now has data centres for Juniper Sky ATP in Asia Pacific and Canada, as well as its existing data centres in the US and Europe. Giving customers in these regions lower latency; sharing expert knowledge of the threat landscape: Juniper is joining the Cyber Threat Alliance; and simplifying the buying process Juniper Networks now offers Enterprise Agreements for its security portfolio. A single purchasing agreement simplifies the buying process and license management.

“As a new Juniper partner, we’re extremely excited about the prospect of a unified cybersecurity platform driven by SDSN. Automating manual tasks and streamlining complex security operations is critical to providing end-to-end cybersecurity protection in an ever-evolving threat landscape. The integration of Juniper’s Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance with SRX Series Firewalls and Security Director with Policy Enforcer will help our enterprise security customers respond quickly and efficiently to threats,” commented Kevin Sena, founder and CEO at Viperline Solutions.