Seaborn tests technology to boost Seabras-1 by 50%

22 September 2017 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

Seaborn Networks says it could increase capacity of its new Seabras-1 subsea cable by 50% using new optical technology.

The cable company and its technology vendor, Infinera, say they have completed a trial on the newly opened cable that demonstrates much higher efficiency.

Larry Schwartz, chairman and CEO of Seaborn Networks, said: “The capacity upgrade maximises our return on investment and further underscores the uniqueness of Seaborn’s capacity on Seabras-1.”

The trial “demonstrated 4.5 bits per second per hertz on the Seabras-1 cable”, said Seaborn, over a distance of more than 10,500km. Seabras-1, which went into service earlier this month, links Brazil and the US.

Dave Welch, president and co-founder of Infinera, said the technology used “delivers industry-leading capacity-reach performance for our subsea customers where spectral efficiency is paramount and bandwidth demand is growing at more than 45% per year”.

The technology supports “up to 18.2Tbps per fibre for distances over 10,000km”, said Seaborn.