Telefónica expands satellite cellular backhaul services in Brazil and Ecuador

15 May 2017 | Jason McGee-Abe

Telefónica Business Solutions has expanded its satellite cellular backhaul solution, providing 3G/4G, in Brazil and Ecuador, making it possible for MNOs to quickly and cost-effectively expand their cellular networks.

The continuous evolution of satellite technology has made it feasible to use cellular backhaul over satellite to now serve metro and metro-edge zones, in addition to remote areas. 

A recent success story can be found in Ecuador where Telefónica Business Solutions completed the expansion of its satellite cellular backhaul service in the Galapagos Islands, allowing Movistar Ecuador to boost its 2G service, and provide a 3G service, to both the local population and visitors who are mostly visiting the islands as tourists. Another success case can be seen in Brazil, where Telefónica Business Solutions has signed a contract to provide satellite links to transport 4G traffic from Fernando de Noronha, an island located off the northeast coast of Brazil. 

Mobile cellular operators can quickly extend their network, regardless of their geographical location, and protect their land-based links with a satellite-based backup circuit. The solution is also very flexible and adaptable to the specific requirements of mobile operators, taking into account the technological evolution of mobile cellular services, in both voice and data.