Elisa, Nokia successfully trial 10Gbps Finnish network

18 April 2017 | Jason McGee-Abe

Finland’s Elisa has successfully completed a field trial of Nokia's XGS-PON technology, achieving what it claims is the country's fastest broadband speeds.

finlandNokia's XGS-PON technology, with 10Gbps symmetrical (downstream and upstream) capabilities, enables Elisa, which is continually developing the capabilities and speed of its network, to deliver new high-speed services to customers in the Ostrobothnia region.

"Utilisation of the new XGS-PON technology means high-speed and higher-quality fixed broadband connections,” said Matias Castrén, head of broadband subscription business at Elisa. “Faster and better connections are needed for the new TV and video services, and increasingly higher quality video technologies such as the 4K technology. In addition, the increased number of devices of households using the internet connection require higher bandwidths."

Demand for high speed internet and broadband access continues to grow steadily in Finland, with more than 50% of Finnish households having access to a fixed ultra-broadband connection of 100Mbps, according to 2016 statistics at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

With interconnected internet of things (IoT) devices making residential dwellings increasingly 'smarter', customers are increasingly seeking new services that can support the array of sensors, plugs and other connected items they use in their homes.

Federico Guillén, president of Nokia's fixed networks business group, added: "With the increasing demand for more capacity, next-generation fibre technologies like XGS-PON are becoming more widely adopted as operators like Elisa look to deliver enhanced services to customers. With nine deployments and more than 40 trials of next generation technology globally, we were able to bring our expertise to Elisa and demonstrate how our XGS-PON solution could help them evolve their network in line with demand."