17 February 2017 |

Telefónica and Síminn (Iceland Telecom) have signed a partnership agreement with a wide remit. The partnership is supported by the Telefónica Partners Program, which includes other operators in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Orri Hauksson, CEO of Síminn, said the partnership would offer customers the latest technology and equipment at the best price.

Hauksson said: "We have been placing greater emphasis on innovation within Síminn, and by 2020 we intend for 25% of our revenues to be generated from new products. It is an ambitious goal but necessary in a fast-changing telecommunications market. The partnership with Telefónica is a milestone towards this goal,” he said: “It strengthens Síminn to have Telefónica by its side."

Guðjón Leifsson, head of innovation, Síminn said: "Telefónica operates its corporate University which alone shows the strength of the company. Now Síminn has good access to it and will enjoy the benefit of increased knowledge and experience as a result.”

"Telefónica is a front runner, both in telecommunications and innovation. We admire how they are implementing Digital Services such as IoT, big data and cybersecurity in all their markets, particularly in the UK, Germany, Spain and Brazil. Much of what Telefónica has already launched is being developed at Síminn. Therefore, we see immediate benefits of the partnership."

Mario Martín, global head of Industrial Partnerships of Telefónica, said: “We are very pleased with the alliance with Síminn, in Iceland. This Partnership will reinforce our program as a way to jointly capture the opportunities digital transformation offers us. We are confident that this agreement will bring important benefits to both our Groups”.