Collinear to release high-capacity wireless tech in 2017

19 December 2016 | Jason McGee-Abe

After a two-and-a-half year ongoing collaboration with Lockheed Martin, Silicon Valley-based Collinear Networks is set to commercially release global high-capacity wireless data transmission technology for network operators, carriers and enterprise users in 2017.

Collinear and Lockheed Martin entered an exclusive licensing and development agreement in June 2014 to commercialise a hybrid point-to-point wireless transmission product developed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems that incorporates innovative free space optical (FSO) and radio frequency (RF) technologies.

“We have announced to the public our collaboration with Lockheed Martin after 30 months of dedicated work. We look forward to bringing our products into the market to meet the growing needs of our customers by providing them the optimal choice of capacity over a distance that matters to them,” said Dana Waldman, Collinear’s newly named chief executive officer.

Collinear forecasts that the technology will supplement or replace existing wireless infrastructure, significantly increasing capacity while eliminating the need for highly expensive and challenging fibre deployment. This is because Collinear is integrating its networking technology with the hybrid solution and an integrated switch will provide features supporting transition to new architectures, such as 5G and software defined networks (SDNs).

The technologies’ intended size and weight will allow a single technician to install the technology into an existing network infrastructure, Collinear claims.

Pursuant to the licensing and development agreement, scientists and engineers at Lockheed Martin are collaborating with Collinear to complete product design, with the latter targeting a commercial release in late 2017.